Toulet are a French based factory that have been producing high quality Carom, English and American billiard tables since 1857 and the Blacklight is their crowning achievement - a superb marrying of the latest form and design with the most luxurious build quality you could hope for.


Design really is the by-word here and Toulet took five up-and-coming French designers and challenged them to come up with a table that would comprise the very best materials, harmony of shapes and design quality to ensure it stood the test of time as the pinnacle of home billiards tables.


The Blacklight is made from solid steel in partnership with the Higher Institute of Design, the looping shape is pure elegance and the webbed basin underneath the table stylishly compliments while also graphically presenting the ball return system.


There are a number of quality options you can choose for your Blacklight table - from finishes, cloth colours, table tops & lighting to an integrated MP3 compatible audio system.


This is simply the very best of the best!


Toulet Blacklight Pool Table Features

• Iron body frame covered with solid steel.

• 22mm precision ground slate playing surface.

• Kleber Michelin competition cushion rubbers for perfect bounce.

• American billiard style pockets.

• 65mm jacks for support and maintaining perfect level playing surface.

• Webbed style steel basin on underneath of table - stylish presentation of the ball return system.

• Soundproofed ball return system.


Table Specification

• The Toulet Blacklight is available as an 8ft American style table - this refers to the internal dimensions of the play area.

• Play area dimensions: 210 x 105cm.

• Available as standard in the following colours: Black, Grey, White, Dark Blue, Chocolate, Red, Yellow & Khaki.

• Also available in a choice of luxury finishes: Chrome, Pearl, Gold & Copper.


A prestige table with a unique design. Each model is made to measure : this is an exceptional billiard table, manufactured with care, and precision using top of the range materials by highly skilled hands.

BlackLight is unique : each table is individually numbered. 100% manufactured in France.


 Outside Dimensions : 264 cm x 135 cm

• Interior Dimensions (playing surface) : 210 cm x 105 cm

• Weight : 500 kg

• Mounted on 4 metal jacks of 6 inches diameter

• Slate: Italian one piece 22 mm lapped at the 20 th of a millimeter

• Frame body: Steel structure rectifier and energized by tensioners for perfect flatness

• Body : 5 shells in stable steel bolt together (2 feet, 2 frame rails and a low plateau)and foam for soundproofing. Metallized ceramic paint and 7 layers of lacquer anti-scratch

• Ball returns built and soundproofed with ball exchanger allowing the passage of the cue ball

• Dispatcher colored balls




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