At Ursus Biliardi we still preserve the tradition of hand crafting which has been our hallmark for three generations. With the exception of highly sensitive calibrating machinery used to position the playing surface, the work of constructing each billiard table is all manual. And precisely because the process is entrusted to cabinet makers, carpenters and decorators who are masters of their art, we can guarantee finished products which are technically and aesthetically perfect. Our billiard tables are furniture pieces, exude the beauty of age, reawakening the pleasure of good living in an atmosphere redolent with elegance and style. At same time very high-performance items of sports equipment.


A key contributor to the extraordinary quality of our billiard tables is the extraordinary wood from which they are constructed. We use only premium quality exotic woods such as Amazaquè, Etimoè and Serrado de Cerejera, all of which are characterised by stupendous colours, tones and grains. These, along with Walnut, Olive, Cherry and spacing too close Rosewood are left to dry on our premises using a natural open-roof seasoning process which takes over ten years.


The fact that our output is entirely handcrafted gives us complete control of the creation process. Further, our collaboration with master craftsmen and decorators enables us to produce the original gems which are our hallmark.


Each table comes provided with a full kit of accessories which is included in the price. The kits vary

with each model in natural wood and in case of the decorated tables certain accessories are decorated

with matching finishes.


6 Wooden or fiber cues

1 Extension cue

1 Wall or circular cue rack

1 Wall Scoreboard

1 Set of balls

1 Triangle

5 Set of pins

1 Box of chalks

1 Large compass

1 Small compass

1 Brush


Wall Scoreboard. Included in the kit. This will have the same design and the same finish of the billiard table.


Triangle. Included in the kit of billiard tables for American Pool and Russian Pyramid speciality of game, same finish of the billiard table.


Cue Rack. Included in the kit. It is possible to choose between a circular or a hanging one with the same finish of the billiard table. In case of a wall cue rack, the frame will have the same design and finish of the billiard table. The back will be upholstered with the same cloth chosen for the playing surface.


American Pool tables. A set of Aramith balls for this game is included in the kit.


Russian Pyramid tables. A set of Aramith balls for this game is included in the kit.


International game without pockets. A set of Aramith balls for this game is included in the kit.


“All’Italiana” billiard tables. All required set of balls for the Italian speciality of game are included in the kit. Aramith balls.



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