A faithful reproduction of an early 19th century model, the Centenario offers the state-ofthe- art engineering usually associate with tournament models. This table may be ordered in rare and precious woods as Walnut and Cherry, or with a decorated patina finish to be chosen among our offer with fabulous results.


Dimensions of playing surface. Can be produced in any size and for any version of the game.


Internal frame. To guarantee absolute stability and consistent, long-term playability, the triple strength supporting frame is constructed from weathered timber which has been seasoned over decades.


Exterior. Constructed from the finest and most sought after woods, almost entirely solid.


Finishes. All finishes are the handiwork of master craftsmen and joiners, and of professional interior decorators.


Finish options. Each model belonging to our collection can have a particular finish. Standard finish is natural wood varnished. Options can be : decorated patina, scratched (Natural or coloured), Moka (wax finish), lacquered (in any colour), upholstered in

Velvet or in Leather. The complete handiwork of the manufacturing process allows us to intervene in each phase of the construction, modifying at pleasure each detail that is no involved in dynamics of the game.


Playing surface. Constructed from three layers of slate, each 5 cm in width, and meticulously positioned directly onto the supporting frame using calibrating machinery which is accurate to the thousandth of a centimetre.


Sealing. Varnishes and stains are applied in specially adapted workshops. Whether the desired result is glossy or matt, particular care is taken to preserve the natural colour and grain of the wood. Where certain woods require it, wax is applied.


Cloth. We use top quality GORINA and IWAN SIMONIS fabric in a choice of colours, hand molding it to the slate and sides to ensure perfect fit and maximum durability over time.


Heating. Whilst all playing surfaces may be fitted with heating elements, this is necessary only where a billiard table will be exposed to moisture which might compromise the flow of the game. In a room which is heated normally, this risk falls away.


Removable wooden top. For this model we can provide a matching top which converts the billiard table into an elegant dining or work surface.


Accessories kit. For the list of accessories, go to Equipment and Accesories section.





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Duvar tipi ya da ayaklı ıstakalık, çuha, top, rack, ıstaka, scoreboard, tebeşir, fırça fiyata dahildir.



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